Natural Sun Light Is As Close As The Roof Over Your Head!

Chosen by builders themselves as the #1 tubular skylight two years in a row!

What sizes are available for the Velux Sun Tunnel?
Competitive systems only come in 10- and 16-inch diameters. The Sun Tunnel's larger apertures equal more light for you!

We also have 10" & 14" rigid tubing models as well as models for tile roofs & high impact dome models for use in hurricane prone coastal regions & commercial 22" model for flat roofs.

What's included in the kit?
The dome, flashing, tubing, hardware and everything needed for a complete roof-to-ceiling installation (including step-by-step instructions.) Click Here To See The Velux Sun Tunnel's Installation Instructions!

How much tubing comes with each unit?
Each unit comes standard with either 8 feet of flexible tubing or 4 feet of rigid tubing for the rigid models. If you need more tubing please order the additional tubing using our online store. If in doubt, get a measurement in the attic from roof area to ceiling area and add an extra foot to be safe.

What materials are the tubing and dome made of?
The tubing is a double layer of metalized polyester film with a double inner layer of reinforced aluminum Sola-Film with a highly reflective ultraviolet-proof laminate. The dome is made of UV Stabilized Grade-One Acrylic. Click Here To Read More About Velux Sun Tunnel's Mechanical Specifications!

Can you help me understand the use of flexible tubing in Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights?
By improving upon the flexible tube technology used for years in the heating and air-conditioning industries, Sun Tunnel created a way of bending sunlight around attic obstructions and created the most cost- and-energy-efficient skylight system available in the United States. Read More About How Flexible Tubing Works Here.

Will the Sun Tunnel help my plants?
Full-spectrum natural sunlight has been growing our planet's forests and flowers for millions of years. Because it captures sunlight from all directions and provides it all day long, the Sun Tunnel is the perhaps the very best gift you can give to your plants.

Will the Sun Tunnel help the winter blahs?
Winter time means that lots of us get stuck indoors at home and work. Studies show that natural, full-spectrum sunlight greatly contributes to increased productivity in the workplace and an overall feeling of well-being. Being deprived of sunlight can lead to something the experts call "Seasonal Affectedness Disorder" or SAD also known as the winter blahs. By bringing the sun into your house, or home office, a Sun Tunnel Skylight can help you beat the winter blahs, and may be an inexpensive alternative to electric lights used for therapy, but it will probably never replace that first cup of coffee in the morning! ;-)

What is your warranty?
The Sun Tunnel comes with a 10 year warranty by VELUX�- a global skylight manufacturing corporation with more than 60 years experience. Velux Sun Tunnels are simply built to last.

Will The Sun Tunnel fit all roof types?
Yes, but tile roofs require a special flashing. We generally have these units in stock.

How much light does The Sun Tunnel produce?
The 10-inch and 14-inch diameter models are best for lighting up whole small rooms or areas in bathrooms, halls, walk-in closets and areas up to 10' x 10'. The 21-inch diameter Sun Tunnels are perfect for lighting kitchens, bedrooms, living areas and other rooms up to and over 25' x 25'.

What are the advantages of the Sun Tunnel's patented Flexi-Tube?
The Flexi-Tube or rigid tubing combined with The Sun Tunnel's larger diameter channels light for longer distances and more economically than other tube skylights. Every Sun Tunnel comes with rigid or flexible tubing. Additional tubing, if you need it, is available by through our online store.

Is the Sun Tunnel energy-efficient?
Yes! Sun Tunnels are Energy Star labeled by the EPA/DOE and thorough testing indicates that there is no appreciable heat gain or loss with the Sun Tunnel.  If you live in an area where a change of season means a drastic change in temperature you will see the benefits of the included  insulated ceiling ring diffuser.

How does the Sun Tunnel look on my roof?
We think The Sun Tunnel is one of the most beautiful things you can put on your roof because you are saving energy. The Sun Tunnel uses a Low-Profile plastic dome that installs on your roof and catches sunlight from ALL directions -- even on cloudy days. A circular diffuser softens and evenly distributes the light coming into your house.

A high quality Sun Tunnel comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.  Velux Sun Tunnels are simply built to last.

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