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The example solar electric systems listed below were primarily designed for remote cabins, boats or similar off-grid uses. For a solar or wind powered electric system specifically made for your needs don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail. We will work with your contractor or architect to develop specifications for your specific needs.

We use only the best quality ULŪ solar panel in yard listed equipment. All power sources and circuits are equipped with fuses, breakers, or disconnects to help insure safety and reliability. Always follow your local building and NEC codes and the advice of your city/County electrical inspector.

To determine which system is right for you, you'll need to determine what your power requirements are. See the Calculators page or let us help you. You'll also need to know the average full sun hours for your geographic location. Full sun hours are equivalent to kW/hrs/meterē on the maps...

U.S. Solar Radiation Resource Maps

The systems listed here are simple basic systems but can be expanded upon at any time. To estimate your power needs follow the links below to calculators. A system can be custom designed to meet any energy need. For help email us.

Multiply your area's average full sun hours by the systems rated output to find your average watt hours of electricity you will generate per average day.

Like: 106 watts (Rated output) X 4.5 hours (full sun hours/day) = 477 watt hours (per day average before adjusting for system losses).

  • Remote Power System 1 DC: Rated array output of 106 watts, designed for small DC loads. Averages ~ $1,249
  • Remote Power System 1 DC Deluxe: Rated array output of 106 watts, with DC control center. Averages ~ $1,589
  • Remote Power System 2 DC: Rated array output of 240 watts, for small to medium DC loads. Averages ~ $2,997
  • Remote Power System 3 DC: Rated array output of 360 watts, for medium size DC loads. Averages ~ $4,369
  • Remote Power System 2 AC: Rated array output of 240 watts, with AC inverter for small loads. Averages ~ $3,789
  • Remote Power System 3 AC: Rated array output of 360 watts, with a 2000 watt AC inverter. Averages ~ $6,197
  • Remote Power System 4 AC: Rated array output of 480 watts, with a 2500 watt AC inverter/charger. Averages ~ $6,948
  • Remote Power System 5 AC: Rated array output of 600 watts, with a 2500 watt AC inverter/charger. Averages ~ $8,876

Designed to run a few lights or other small DC equipment these packages come with all the major components for installation-modules, mounting racks, interconnects, batteries, controls, and fuse panel.

*Check local building and NEC codes for any additional system requirements for your area.

There is great care taken in the design of our pre-packaged solar electric power systems.There is no room to compromise when comfort and safety are concerned, only a qualified contractor should install electrical generation equipment. Whether you are qualified to tackle the installation yourself or have your contractor and electrician do it for you, it is as simple as one, two, three. If questions arise you can always contact us for help.

The example systems above include a relatively small battery bank. A battery bank in a stand alone system without a fossil fuel back-up generator ideally should have the capacity to meet your load requirements for as many days as you can expect overcast days in a row plus at least a 20% reserve to prevent battery damage from over discharge.

We also supply many other custom solar kits using various manufacturer's brands of solar panels. Contractors contact us for current equipment pricing.

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