Velux Sun Tunnel

Natural Sunlight Is As Close As The Roof Over Your Head!

Mechanical Specifications (contact us for any updated specifications)
Approved I.C.B.O. Report #5185

Component and Description
For Mechanical Evaluations

1. Transparent U.V. stabilized grade 1 acrylic dome; I.C.B.O. #1084.

2. Dome fixed with 4 non-corrosive screws.

3. Vent tabs, (vented or solid) interchangeable.

4. Luran S KR2854 black skylight base, ASTM tested; D638, D256, D792, D648.

5. Base attachment (500-9 screws and 400-6 screws). Two continuous caulking beads seal frame to roof flashing base.

6. 26 G.A. pre-painted colorbond flat metal flashing. Available in pre-bent form to take lead strip for tile roofs.

7. Mirror-finish stainless steel ring, 28-gauge with four bendable tabs for tubing attachment.

8. Three continuous wraps of PVC duct tape.

9. Highly reflective, ultraviolet-proof quadruple laminate. It consists of a double outer- layer of metallized polyester film with a double inner layer of reinforced glass fiber filament. A yarn mesh aluminum foil with coiled-spring wire skeleton is imbedded between the two layers. UL 181 rated.

10. 28-gauge mirror-finish stainless steel ring.

11. Four sheet metal screws attach stainless steel ring to ceiling frame.

12. White ABS injection molded ceiling frame.

13. K-12 prismatic acrylic diffusion panel.

14. Screws attach ring to ceiling with retainer blocks. Screw cover also attaches (500-6 and 400-4).

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