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Zero Energy Housing Demonstration Projects

Washington, DC

Zero Energy House powered by solar in Washington D.C.

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Working with the Captain Planet Foundation, the Building Science Consortium, and the U.S. National Parks Service along with other sponsors, Big Frog Mountain Corporation installed the solar electric system on a Zero Energy house again on the mall between the White House and the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. as part of the National Park Service Sustainability Fair. The demo house was constructed cleanly and quietly using electricity generated by our portable solar electric generator. The home is one of the Building America Program projects of the Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs - U.S. Department of Energy. 

The event went beautifully.

Atlanta, GA

Zero Energy Cottage at the Atlanta Home Show 2002

Working with the architects from Building Science Corporation, and the Captain Planet Foundation along with many other sponsors, Big Frog Mountain Corporation installed a demonstration solar electric system on the Zero Energy Cottage in Atlanta, Georgia inside the World Congress Center at the Atlanta Home Show. The house was designed by the  as promotion of the U.S. DOE Building America Program. Over 18,000 people toured the home.

We are currently installing a utility intertied solar electric system at Amicalola Falls State Park

These demonstration projects have shown project managers, architects, builders and home owners how a solar electric utility intertied system combined with the most energy efficient design and Energy Star rated appliances yield buildings with lowered or zero energy costs. These buildings help utility companies by offsetting peak load demands and by reducing green house gas emissions during peak power generation. These systems add equity value to property and can also increase our personal and national security of energy.

Captain Planet thanks Big Frog Mountain

Captain Planet thanks us!

We also have other private solar and wind energy projects in Haiti and throughout United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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