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Enter the data for the information in red

To find average sun hours per day in your area (line 3), check local weather data, or go to the Solar Insolation page. If you want year-round autonomy, use the lowest of the figures.  The peak amperage of the module you will be using can be found in the module specifications. You can also get close enough if you divide the modules wattage by the peak power point voltage, usually (17 to 18.5).

If your browser supports JavaScript then the rest will be automatically calculated for you by clicking on the "Calculate" button at the bottom.  If you don't have a JavaScript capable browser, then you can print this form and calculate it out manually.


1)  Total average amp hours per day from previous worksheet
2)  Multiply line 1 by 1.2 to compensate for loss from battery charge/discharge
3)  Average sun hours per day in your area  
4)  Divide line 2 by line 3. for total solar array amps required
5)  Peak amps of solar module used
6)  Total number of solar modules in parallel. Divide line 4 by 5.
7)  Round off to the next highest whole number.
8)  Number of modules in each series string to provide DC Battery voltage.
DC Battery
# of Modules in
Each Series String
12 1
24 2
48 4
9)  Total number of solar panels required.  Multiply line 7 by 8.



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