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Staber HWX2504 a - horizontal axis washer - washes clothes just like a front loader -but conveniently top loading! This Stainless Steel tumble action clothes washer yields savings of up to $340 or more each year compared to traditional top loading agitator washing machine simply by using less resources. The high quality materials and workmanship built in to this beautifully designed stainless steel washing machine will ensure the residential or commercial owner many years of service.

  stainless steel clothes washer - Cick for larger view    

Shown above is the HWX-2504 Stainless Steel washing machine. Click the image for a larger view. The exterior front and sides are covered with brushed stainless steel over the stainless steel base as well as having the 25-year warranted stainless steel six-sided inner and outer wash tubs - standard inside all the Staber clothes washer models. 

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Staber model HWX2304 - White Model -  Click Here

The HWX-2504 Stainless Steel Staber clothes washer is a commercial grade washing machine for residential or commercial use.

 Proudly Built in the USA!

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How Does Staber Compare With the Traditional Top Load Agitator Washer You May Be Currently Using? 

  •      Do you want to use around 45 gallons of water per load or use a Staber and around 15 gallons of water?

  •      Do you want tubs made of durable stainless steel or tubs made of plastic or porcelain?

  •      Do you want to heat an average of 3 gallons of hot water using a Staber washing machine or 12 gallons of hot water per load using a typical washer?

  •      At an average of eight loads per week, do you want to spend around $600 each year to use your washer or just $260 with a Staber?

  •      Do you want to use 1 ounce of detergent per load with a Staber, or 4-8 ounces per load? (This really adds up.)

  •      Would you like to wash up to 16 full-size bath towels in one load and get them clean, or just 8-10 towels with a traditional agitator washer?

  •      Would you like to reduce your drying time by about 30% (and save more energy) by using a Staber that features a much faster spin cycle?

  •      Would you like to have total front access to parts and no transmission to reduce your maintenance expenses?

  •      Do you want a standard residential domestic washer that will last an average of just 12 years or a durable easily repairable commercial-grade washer Made in the USA for the home that will last 20-25 years?

  •      Do you want your tubs to be circular, or do you want them to be shaped so that they create a passive pumping action in the water to clean more effectively? (This washer gets the clothes cleaner than a typical washer in our tests.)

  •      Would you prefer a heavy-duty four strut suspension to prevent the washer from 'walking' in the spin cycle?

  •      Would you like to have two re-greasable bearings per shaft, supported on the front and the back of the tubs for greater durability? (Front loaders only have a bearing at the back resulting in a shorter life.)

  •      Do you want your clothes to last around 30% longer because of using a gentle tumbling action as opposed to using a harmful agitator that can shred your laundry?

  •      Would you like to use around 135 watt-hours of electricity per load to use a Staber, or around 600 watt-hours to use a traditional agitator washer?

  •      Do you want your warranty to be voided if using or planning to use solar or wind power? (The Staber warranty is not voided in running the washer from an alternative energy source i.e. inverter.)

Though it still may be working, just think about the true costs of using your current washer - it all adds up! You can see how a Staber washer makes so much more sense compared to a traditional top load agitator washer and has many advantages over a front loader.

Enjoy the efficiency of a front loader with top loading convenience!

Here is what you may want to consider: 

  •      Currently you could easily be spending over $600 annually to operate your agitator washer if you are doing around 8 loads per week.

  •      When you invest in a Staber washer now, you can begin to provide yourself an average return in savings of around $300 each year compared to using a typical top loading agitator washer. (This does not include the energy savings in reducing your clothes drying time, and the time saved in having to possibly do fewer loads.)

  •      This gives you around the equivalent of a 30% return in savings on your investment every year you own it. 

It is a fact you pay utility bills, water bills and detergent costs to use a washer. When you reduce how much money you are spending right now by replacing your current washer the savings can pay back the entire cost of a Staber washer quickly.


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